Vendor Spotlight: Emerald Petals

I’m happy to introduce a new monthly series! When we moved to Portland in September, I knew no one. It was tough at first but then I realized that the only way to know people and have them know me is get myself out there and start meeting peeps. Brilliant, right?

In addition to friends, I really want to start meeting other wedding vendors! You know, for networking and all. Thus, this series was born! Each month I’ll feature a different Portland-based wedding vendor, including some photos of their work and a little Q&A session. Eventually I hope these photos will be ones of their work in action on a real wedding day. 2015, I’m talking to you!

This month I am featuring Hilary and her amazing little florist shop, Emerald Petals. I’ll be honest, I found Hilary through a Google search but she stood out because her work is beautiful, unique and centered around eco-friendly materials. Once I met her in person last weekend and saw her shop {which is hidden in the back of an adorable vintage boutique}, I was blown away. I mean, she makes pea and kale bouquets. Be still my little vegan heart. 🙂

Enough of my talk, let’s meet Hilary and learn about her North Portland flower shop!emeraldpetalspdx_0004 emeraldpetalspdx_0002

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your shop? How did you get started in floral design?
It’s like walking into a secret blooming garden hidden in the back of Flutter, a dreamy, vintage, jumble.

I started at the bottom working for a florist in Exeter, NH, washing buckets and processing flowers at age 19. And I never looked back. When I moved to Portland I completely fell hard for the abundance the NW has to offer.

emeraldpetalspdx_0011 emeraldpetalspdx_0013

2. Can you describe your business in 3 words?
whimsical, natural, customemeraldpetalspdx_0007

3. What sets you apart from other florists in Portland?
There are a lot of talented florists in Portland.  What sets me apart I guess is my aesthetic and my eye.  I use a lot of natural NW elements along with american grown seasonal flowers.emeraldpetalspdx_0009 emeraldpetalspdx_0014 emeraldpetalspdx_0017

4. What is your favorite flower that you like to work with?
Oh this is tough…it definitely changes with the season. Hellaboros, bearded iris, dahlias, garden roses…I’m big on texture so sometimes I don’t need many flowers at all.  emeraldpetalspdx_0010 emeraldpetalspdx_0019 emeraldpetalspdx_0003

5. What are some upcoming floral trends that you see for the next wedding season?
A continued lean towards local, seasonal, american grown flowers.  More natural, romantic flow as apposed to tight confined arrangements.

Hopefully less mason jars. They are fine but I wish people would understand that they aren’t always cheaper than vases and a clean vase line is really better unless you’re going for rustic.emeraldpetalspdx_0016 emeraldpetalspdx_0012 emeraldpetalspdx_0001 emeraldpetalspdx_0005

Thanks, Hilary for sharing your gorgeous space with us!

You can visit Emerald Petals, nestled in the back of the vintage boutique, Flutter, within the super cute Mississippi Ave area of North Portland here:

3948 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

Or on the web here:

Happy Tuesday!

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